The Barony of Carraig Ban
cordially invites one and all to

Absolutely NOT Ragnarok Rampage

Different dates! Different site!

June 5 - 7, 2015

Site Location:
Elks Page Park
7883 S Lowell Park Road
Dixon, IL 61021

Adult site fee:
($5 member discount)
$12 day trip, $15 weekend
12 and under free
Lunch: $5
Feast: $12

Please send pre-reg to:
Rachel Scheffler
410 E Kelsey St.
Malta, IL 60150
by 5/15.

Camping, feast, heavy, rapier, archery, classes, children's activities.
There will be a silent auction.

Full list coming soon -- We are expecting some sort of jewelry making,
stained glass, Middle Eastern dance, and more.
Please contact Lord Tristan van Meteran
if you would like to teach a class.

Lunch: Available here.
Feast: Available here.

are available here.

Autocrat: Lady Anastasia Katerina VonNunburg
Co-Autocrat: Baroness Epona Brodin
Feast: Dame Nicholaa Halden
Merchants please contact: Baron Faustino de Baeza
Archery Marshall: Baron Aleid Von Groeningen
Rapier Marshall: Wardon Adam CarMychel
Heavy Marshall: Mistress Hillary of Langeford

More Information:
The Barony of Carraig Ban officially invites you to a weekend of tournaments and merriment.
This is NOT Ragnarok Rampage, as we do not welcome flooding, locusts,
falling trees, any sort of apocalyptic type activity.

Please note there will be areas for quiet and loud camping.
We are also setting aside an area for period tents only.

Bring out your banners!
Please help us beautify the site by bringing your banners out to line the list fields.

Information on our recent event, Fighters Symposium, is here.