Ragnarok Rampage!!
June 20-22, 2014
Site Opens 2pm Friday and closes at noon on Sunday

$5 - Adults
$2 per person to camp.
Free - 12 & Under
($5 non-member surcharge) All members MUST show proof of membership, no exceptions.

Lunch: $5 - menu below

Feast: $12 - menu below

Site Location:
Big Rock Plowing Match
48W607 Hinckley Road, Big Rock, IL 60511

Directional signs will be posted

Come one and all to a weekend of fun, fighting, and excellent food. Camping for the weekend is only $1 per person, per night, so dust off your tents and spend the weekend! This year we are celebrating all things Norse in honor of this event's history.

In addition to the day’s scheduled activities, Carraig Ban will be hosting a tournament to name the barony’s new heavy champion.

As always we would like to offer an array of classes. If you are interested in teaching please contact THL Jadwiga Wlodzislawska (carrot_khan@gmail.com).

Baronial A&S display– bring out your latest projects and show off what you can do!



If you are planning on attending feast but have any allergy concerns, please contact the autocrat no later than June 7th or we cannot promise accommodations can be made.

Challenge from Lord William Oliver of the Woods: Here ye! Here ye! This will be the 50th celebration of my birth, and to honor my accomplishment of making it this long I would like to take on 50 fights! Please present yourself as you are able on Saturday to help me complete this task.

Camp Demmit will once again be hosting a luau following the days activities on Saturday evening beginning at O'Dark Thirty. Viking luau, cause why not?

Marshall - Lord Rourke Davis
930am - 1030am - Inspections and Authorizations
1030am - 12pm - Two Headed Tournament
12pm - 1pm - Baronial Championship Tournement
12pm - 1pm - Lunch Break
1pm - 230pm - Three Combatant Tag Tourney
230pm - 330pm - Valhalla Battle

Marshall - Lady Moira O'Dorran
9am - 10am - Inspections and Authorizations
10am - 12pm - Let's Make A Deal Challenge Tourney
12pm - 1pm - Lunch Break
1pm - 3pm - Double Elimination Tourney
3pm - 4pm - Melee and Open Fence

Marshall - Baron Aleid van Groningen
10am - 11am - Inspections and Open Practice
11am - 12pm - Advancing Warrior Shoot
12pm - 1pm - Lunch Break
1pm - 230pm - Royal Rounds
230pm - 330pm - Water Duel

Embroidery classes instructed by THL Jadwiga Wlodzislawska
- 10Am Refresh Your Stitch aka Embroidery Study Hall
- 2pm Fills: Satin and Beyond

10am Basic tools and techniques for benchwork jewelry

11am Beer 101 - Instructed by Baron Henry of Exeter

1pm Embelished filigree stone ring (Limited space, $15 for materials and stone)

2pm Alfred the Great - Instructed by Oswyn of Badon

3pm Viking Apron Dress - Instructed by THL Svanhilder Farbjornsdottir

Brewing Competition
Winner: Best Overall Brew
Prize: Half Gallon Local Raw Honey from Lady Jadwiga's hives.
Entries: Two bottles for each entry (one for judges and then potential drink-off of tie), as many entries as you wish
Documentation: Minimal, recipe necessary (for potential allergens), out of period brews welcome

Herb Baked Chicken
Saffron and Honey Rys in Broth
Asparagus or Cucumber vinaigrette (served cold)
Rose Daryoles

Pickled vegetables
Herbed Goat Cheese

Stewed beef
Roasted vegetables

Roasted Pork in gravy
Buttered Wortes with Leeks and Fennel

Apple Porridge

(Vegetarian tart available on request)

By Lord Azarel'ys Hywell

Baroness Epona Brodin
(Ph. #815-739-5788)

Lord Azarel'ys Hywell

please contact Baron Faustino ssutton56@yahoo.com